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He performs the most “Romantic” wedding ceremony you will find anywhere. ~ Subscribe to Larry’s FREE monthly “Love Notes for Lovers” e ZINE. usiness South Bank‘s 2016 Showcase networking event saw more than 200 business people from across the South Bank precinct join in a ‘speed dating trade show’ exercise.

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They know there’ll be other date-opportunities around the corner; that his lack of interest didn’t necessarily reflect personally on them; and that men prefer women who don’t make too many dating ‘trade-offs’ – like dumping friends as soon as he rings – just to get a date!Tactic 2: Be fantastic at first impressions ~ I’d be rich if I had the proverbial pound for every woman who told me, “I missed a chance when this great-looking guy came into my office and I didn’t have the guts to even look at him!The event, which aims to increase business to business interaction was held on Tuesday, June 14 at TAFE Queensland Brisbane.Major sponsors were TAFE Queensland Brisbane and Fuji Xerox, with Supporting Sponsors The Prop House, Black & White Cabs and Riverside Hotel.Tactic 9: Be a bit of a bitch – in the nicest possible way ~ Most women are just too nice. Tactic 9 is about setting your boundaries early and expressing them, especially when he doesn’t seem to be getting the message!

Tactic 10: Be aware of dating blind spots ~ There are loads of “blind spots” we need to watch out for, money being one of them. Just be straight about what you feel comfortable with. Be aware of my “rule-of-three” – the critical hurdles of three dates, three weeks and three months.Run it like a film through your head – the evening goes from strength to strength, affirming to yourself all your positive points, and being calm and confident because you’ve got yourself sorted early.Tactic 3: Be confident – avoid the ‘I’m unworthy’ complex!Too many women hope their “frogs” will morph into a prince. Be clear on frog – behaviors to look out for so you don’t waste your precious time.Tactic 8: Be mysterious – don’t give the game away ~ What’s sexier – a slow strip tease or flinging your clothes off?Tactic 6: Be knowing – not a know-it-all ~ Men don’t want dumb blondes but at the same time find it hard to handle how aggressive some women have become in proving themselves through conversation. Conversation when getting to know each other should be like a friendly game of tennis, not as though you’re smashing “aces” at him!