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Dating Network is the most complete, unique dating and social networking site ever offered on the Internet.

Dating Network's social media features are extensive.People can upload photos, music, videos, enjoy games, and watch You Tube videos.What separates their site is their unique approach to Internet dating with a "Friends First" philosophy.This core philosophy is the building block behind everything the site offers, so the user is able to meet new people and develop friendships for long lasting relationships.Many tools are offered for locating, communicating , and in general getting to know people. This is a 15-20 year old concept that does not utilize today's popular technologies.

For those persons considering an online dating website or already using such websites, their question may be..."why would I want to consider joining Dating Network over the many sites that are available? By carefully evaluating the offerings currently provided by other online dating services, Dating Network USA has been developed into a much more effective and fun approach for the process of meeting people and searching for partners.

For members, travel companions may also be available.

So the site uses state of the art social networking and Internet dating technology solutions to make important initial contacts and introductions, and then offers planned on-going activities and fun events to develop those relationships.

Dating Network offers much more than other internet dating sites by combining the best aspects of Social Networking & Internet Dating.

Along with additional features like live events and group travel this free site is becoming a leading Internet dating site.

An important part of this is by offering venues for social events where members can interact with potential partners.