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He has 1 million people following him through his newsletter. I won't bore you with the details, but I was going through a time where I had just moved to a new city...

Approach anxiety is something the vast majority of aspiring pick up artists suffer from when starting out trying to meet women in the street, cafe, university campus or anywhere else.

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Since we are a dating oriented website we are obliged to warn you about this ebook: it's not strictly dating & seduction oriented, rather most of it is about general undestanding of men psychology, desires and what they are truly attracted to (page 32 WILL surprise you).

Still, the 12 secrets revealed are so essential that they will greatly improve your dating skills and furthermore you will improve in all kinds of relationship with men.

If you are looking for quick, cute, and snappy ways to manipulate men, this is not the book for you.

Men Made Easy was written based on the author's personal experience and her analyzing her own misdoings.

They all get nervious because it shows why they do what they do, what they are thinking, and how to get them to respond to your desires.

The ebook is really easy on the reader and it is simple to put the advice into practice.

If we can't get over approach anxiety, our first major stumbling block in the world of pick up then meeting, talking to women and taking them out on dates is not going to happen. Destroy Approach Anxiety covers this subject in depth so you’ll be able to overcome this irrational fear with ease, enabling you to quickly progress to approaching women without anxiety.

Discover the true reasons why we suffer from approach anxiety, it may surprise you.

If you have no idea how to approach a beautiful woman/man, if you get tongue-tied when you are in front of one or simply freeze up, you are at the right place.

Yes, almost all of us have felt that way but it is not necessary that you stay like that.

However, this is also backed by a substantial base of a couple a hundred men, interviewed by Kara in the process of writing the ebook.