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Since a broker stands to make more from selling homes that their coworkers represent, he may bring buyers to more homes listed with his agency than properties the buyers actually want to see.If you're looking to buy, consider signing on with an exclusive buyer's broker—an agent who doesn't sell property and has no ties to sellers' brokers.He's more than happy to show you the place, but in the process, you let slip how much you're willing to pay or when you need to move.

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In an ideal world, your real estate agent serves as an advocate, confidant and maybe even a marriage counselor, guiding you through one of the biggest (and often fraught) financial decisions of your life.

What you may not know is that commission isn't a fixed rate, says Veissi.

When you're selling, interview a few brokers to get an idea of the going rate in your area, then, before you commit to one realtor, see if any will lower their fees, says Tyson.

"If your broker advertises a fee less than what buyers' agents normally get, buyers' agents are less likely to show your house," says Tyson."Everything else in the contract is negotiable too."In addition to the commission, there are other parts of a seller's contract with an agent that are up for discussion. Typically it's six months, but Tyson advises pushing for 90 days so you can get out of the contract sooner if you're unhappy with the agent's progress selling your home.

Another thing to look for: "transaction fees." A growing number of brokerages are adding charges of up to 0 to each seller's contract as a way to increase their bottom line, says Samuel Tamkin, a Chicago-based real estate attorney and contributor to Think Glink.com, a personal finance and real estate website.

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In many states, that broker is legally obligated to tell his sellers any info that can help them get the best price for their home, says Tamkin.

The reverse is also true for buyers' brokers, who are supposed to relay anything that could help their clients get a better deal.

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