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We fool ourselves in the minute-by-minute choices we make.

When it comes to self-sabotage, procrastination is king.

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consistently causing oneself to fail; more harmful to oneself than other people are.(*Typically: be ~; become ~ .) Ellen: My boss is my ...Flavor said the clock joke eventually served a more serious purpose."The reason why I wear this clock is because it represents time being the most important element in our life," he said."Time can't afford to be wasted, but not only that, but God only gave us one life."I always say, 'I'm clockin', I'm clockin'.' That means I'm paying attention, so you can't get fast on me because I know what time it is."On Thursday, Public Enemy will become the fourth rap group to be inducted into the Rock and Hall of Fame, following Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Run-D.

Due to its history, South Africa is known as a “Rainbow Nation.” Having lived in South Africa as an expat, I can tell you that you will find beautiful black people, white people, Indian people, and coloured people.

Each minute we live, we got to live each second to our best value.

Time brought us up in here, and time can also take us out."Even though Flavor often seems aloof, his accessory is a reminder that he is actually quite aware. The oft-arrested Flavor originally had conflicting court date in Las Vegas for allegedly threatening his fiancé's son with a butcher knife, but the judge agreed to change the date.

Valuable lessons are learned by each as they both have to adjust to very different lives.

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One messy science journalist (Tash) and a neat television host (Brett).