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In recognition of Spear & Jackson’s brand heritage and reputation for producing premium tools, The Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, UK, approached the company to develop a dual-branded range of high-end gardening tools.

This partnership reinforces Spear & Jackson’s unique combination of history and innovation, and the company is proud to support Kew’s pivotal role as a world leader in plant science and conservation.

They did not make tools or saws they marketed them, and were masters at it. They also offered Oak Leaf tools as their second line.They had their line of tools made for them by the big makers like Disston & Stanley. Simmons did not make tools or saws they marketed them, and were masters at it. Given that the brass back is marked simply Disston and that this logo predates the use of the Disston and Son logo introduced in about 1865, I believe we can safely date this saw as being from the Civil War era of 1860 - 1865.An early and rare example of a finely made backsaw!!The Spear and Jackson Tools division comprises operating companies in the UK, France, Australia and New Zealand, plus UK based Robert Sorby.

Principal activities include the design, manufacture, assembly, procurement, sales and distribution of a broad range of products, including: With a heritage dating back to the 1760s, Spear & Jackson offer a broad range of premium quality, industry-leading brands including Eclipse and Tyzack as well as Spear and Jackson.

I spoke to several saw-savy people and heard several different opinions.

I read these saws were filed differently from normal backsaws, and this one sure fits that description.

Although the brass back is marked Orton Jewett & Busby, I do not think they were the maker, just the seller or distributer.

I believe this to be an early Disston tall cone nut back saw.

Complementing the European operations, Spear & Jackson (Australia) and Spear and Jackson (New Zealand) provide sales and distribution services in Australia and New Zealand.