Dating someone who deals with depression

While meds can be effective, "the belief that medications will solve the problem is too simple.

Going for a brisk walk every day, hitting the driving range or signing up for a dance class can be a natural mood elevator. Depression has a number of physical symptoms such as low energy level and appetite suppression.

These signs can also indicate serious medical problems such as heart disease, according to Bobo.

"[O]lder depressed adults often have not received the help that they needed," says Kales.

"They may be living alone and their health may be more fragile.

D., associate professor of clinical psychology at the University of Kansas and author of The Depression Cure.

The other depressing news about antidepressants is that research shows they often don't perform any better than a placebo.Mixed results with antidepressants have led researchers to explore other treatments for depression, including electromagnetic pulses to stimulate the brain.Probably the simplest, healthiest and most effective treatment for depression in older adults is exercise, according to a 2013 study in the British Journal of Psychiatry.In 2000, research showed that fewer than 25 percent of patients over age 65 with probable depression received a diagnosis and treatment, but by 2007 that had jumped to nearly 52 percent.The increase in screening, says Mayo Clinic psychiatrist William Bobo, M.While suicide rates for women decline after age 60, for men, the odds of taking their own life increase with age.