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At the time, it seemed like a radical, unnecessary change -- naming software with years instead of version numbers? How will users of Windows 3.1 possibly know what software version they should upgrade to?In retrospect, switching away from software version numbers to years seems like one of the wisest decisions Microsoft ever made.

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Upon opening the software for the first time, users will be prompted to copy their content files, participant lists and session files from their older version of software to the new one.Pure Data System for Analytics (PDA), Netezza Platform Software (NPS) will be ending patch support for the maintenance releases v7.0.2 and v7.0.4 on December 31, 2015.Like dogtags, they're primarily designed for use in the event of an emergency.In the event of a software problem-- if, on the battlefield, you hear someone screaming "medic!Create Account Turning Point offers one, simple interface for polling in Power Point, polling in any application and self-paced polling.

Turning Point is an easy-to-use desktop polling application available for Mac or PC.

But version numbers live on, at least for programmers.

Here's a quick survey of version numbers for the software running on my machine at the moment: But it's hardly universal. It's partly because version number is an expected software convention.

For example, if an instructor has v8 on their desktop and goes into a lecture hall with a podium computer that has v7.5, it will not work.

Anything created in v8 cannot be used in older versions.

We brought it on ourselves by letting our geeky, meaningless little construct of major and minor version numbers spill over into pop culture. And if you absolutely, positively must use version numbers internally, make them dates anyway: be sure to encode the date of the build somewhere in your version number.