Dating relationship between non orthodox and orthodox christian

Consequently, just as marriage partners have a responsibility for the building up of the Church, so too the Church community has a responsibility to help each Christian family foster its life of faith.

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The Gospels record that Jesus affirmed the profound significance of marriage.

Christian tradition, building upon the teaching of Jesus, continues to proclaim the sanctity of marriage.

The Sacramentality of Marriage We share a common faith and conviction that, for Christians in both the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches, marriage is a sacrament of Jesus Christ.

We profess the presence of Christ in the Holy Spirit through the prayers and actions of our wedding liturgies.

It is a fundamental relationship in which man and woman, by total sharing with each other, seek their own growth in holiness and that of their children, and show forth the presence of God's Kingdom.

Having God's love poured in their hearts by the Holy Spirit, husband and wife exemplify and reflect in their lives together the mystery of love which unites the three persons of the Holy Trinity.We regard Christian marriage as a vocation from God in which the liberating effect of divine love, a gift of Holy Spirit, is experienced through human love.This human love expresses itself in permanent commitment to mutual fidelity and support in all aspects of life, spiritual as well as physical.It has also shared its work with the Joint International Commission for Theological Dialogue.A Joint Committee of Orthodox and Roman Catholic Bishops was formed in the United States ln 1981 at the suggestion of His Eminence Archbishop Iakovos, Primate of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North and South America, especially to address common pastoral concerns.As bishops of these two churches, we hail this progress in mutual commitment to Church unity.