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You’ll know one of these beauts when you hear it because the way it’s presented negates any possibility of negotiation.

Help your child understand healthy and unhealthy behaviors.This downloadable lists some RED FLAGS in teen relationships.Certainly, we can’t let others determine what makes us happy.But if the people who care about you seem worried this new relationship may be taking a toll, you might want to consider why.By ignoring this red flag, Lisa had bought herself a whole lot of heartache and disillusionment — and time she couldn’t get back.2. Nothing wrong with seeking comfort in a romantic relationship.

But there’s a certain type of comfort — I call it dysfunctional comfort — we’re better off avoiding.

A friend of mine — I’ll call her Lisa — recently reconnected with a high school boyfriend, Logan, at a mutual friend’s wedding — and the sparks between them reignited.

Quickly, they pledged their commitment to one another, and started planning their new life together.

They made a boatload of big promises in a matter of weeks.

But Logan had a pretty major tidbit: Though they had been separated for several years, he wasn’t divorced from his first wife.

They may be vague doubts or huge, waving red flags.