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The 3970 was the first Patek Philippe to use not a Valjoux-based chronograph, but instead one based on a Lemania movement called the 2310.

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The platinum 2499 ultimately ended up in the hands of one of the world's great Patek Philippe collectors, a man named Eric Clapton. It was known within the watch collecting world that Clapton owned the watch, and we simply never thought we'd see it come up for sale again.

And then it did, in November 2012 when I wrote this story.

Patek Philippe is an independent and family owned watchmaker, though not by the founding family.

Next to Rolex, Patek Philippe has the best resale value.

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Between 19, Patek Philippe won more than 700 timekeeping prizes!

Between 19, Patek Philippe won more than 300 to just manufacture the most basic timepieces.

When it sold, it did so for .63 million, thus cementing the 2499's position as one of the most desirable watches on the planet.

Though, it should be noted, many expected the Clapton 2499 to sell for even more – it was not even the most expensive watch in the sale, this was.

The 2310 is the foundation of Omega's caliber 321 – the heralded "moon watch" caliber – as well as the base caliber for a handful of Patek Philippes, Vacheron Constantins, Breguets, and others.