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Specifically, a retroviral vector (RV-SYN-GTRgp) expressing nuclear green fluorescent protein (GFP), TVA receptor and rabies virus glycoprotein (Rgp) driven by the neuron-specific synapsin promoter was used to selectively infect dividing cells, followed by the injection of Env A-pseudotyped rabies virus lacking Rgp and expressing MCherry (Env A-ΔG-MCh).Mice housed with (n = 8) or without a running wheel (n = 8) were injected with RV-SYN-GTRgp into the dorsal and ventral dentate gyrus to label proliferating neural progenitor cells (Fig. Three days later, mice received Env A-ΔG-MCh rabies virus into the same dentate gyrus areas.To provide access without cookies would require the site to create a new session for every page you visit, which slows the system down to an unacceptable level.This site stores nothing other than an automatically generated session ID in the cookie; no other information is captured.(A) Running did not modify the numbers of intra-hippocampal cells [mature granule cells (m GC), interneurons (INT), pyramidal cells (PYR) and mossy cells (MC)].

(B) Ratio of connectivity of intra-hippocampal (m GCs, INT, PYR and MC), subcortical [medial septum (MS) and diagonal band of Broca (DBB)] and cortical [somatosensory, auditory and visual cortex (CTX)] cells to one-week old adult-born GCs.

In vivo, administration of NMDA reportedly reduced adult hippocampal neurogenesis, while treatment with a NMDA antagonist increased new neuron number.

Furthermore, in tissue culture experiments it was shown that application of the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate to adult neural progenitor cells increased neuronal differentiation and excitatory synaptic connectivity, providing support for the possibility that glutamatergic innervation may contribute to the initial wiring of new granule cells.

Thanks to the folks at the blog, “Young Black and Fabulous,” those who fretted over whether Nia Long was going one-on-very-big-one with Houston’s 7-6 center Yao Ming can relax. After the Golden Globes earlier this week, she was spotted out at parties with L.

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Rabies virus infection did not spread beyond the “starter cells” (GFP 0.05; Fig. As a control for possible non-specific rabies virus labeling, retrovirus missing Rgp (RV-SYN-HT), which is necessary for rabies virus complementation and virus spread to presynaptic neurons, was injected into the dentate gyrus and was followed by Env A-ΔG-MCh rabies virus three days thereafter (n = 3).