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Hit Up a Brewery Tour Rather than the tried-and-true wine tasting, try something different and hit up Mill Street Brewery for one of their daily tours.While visiting the brewery, you will be treated to a tutored tasting of a flight of four beers and a sample of bierschnaps.Lawrence) or mysterious (The Mummy’s Curse), there is an intriguing scavenger hunt for everyone to enjoy.

Up the romance ante by holding hands and playing footsie.

Cost: Take in a Burlesque Show Spend the evening learning the fine art of teasing and flirting by checking out a burlesque show.

Have a Game Night Board games are not only a great way to spend quality times with your special someone, but they inject some healthy competition – and tons of fun – into your date night.

Head over to Castle Board Games, and spice things up with a game of “sexy Scrabble” – in which you spell out naughty words. Be A Little Cheesy Dare to get cheesy with each other by taking a cheese class at Leslieville Cheese Market and Fine Foods.

Go On a Culinary Adventure Feed into the foraging frenzy by embarking on a unique culinary experience with your sweetheart. arranges awesome local trips for your favourite foodie, including wild mushroom foraging, a Little Italy tour and even a canoe paddle with a five-course dinner.

Cost: 9 Serenade Your Sweetheart Is there anything more romantic than your loved one belting out his or her best rendition of “I Will Always Love You”?

Check out the Toronto Ornithological Club for their monthly outings that include the Lakeshore and Leslie Spit.

Take a DJ Class Have your date spin you right round, baby, right round like a record.

Take your pick.) Parking, especially on a Friday night, is an expensive hassle in downtown Toronto.

Plus, a car-less date means you won’t make the mistake of getting behind the wheel after too many drinks.

The Toronto School of Burlesque offers cheap events as well as workshops and classes for the curious.