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Best Parody: "Addicted to Spuds"Best Original: "Good Enough For Now"One of Al's biggest albums of the 80s, Dare to Be Stupid offers some of Al's most memorable songs..also some that aren't so memorable.

However, the songs that are on this album are pretty good, for the most part. parody “Spam” is a fun one about America’s favorite mystery meat, and is a fun sing-along when it is performed live.In my opinion, there’s only one song on this album that’s kind of “meh” and that’s “Attack of the Radioactive Hamsters From a Planet Near Mars.” Particularly good on this album is the Dire Straits parody which uses the words from the TV theme song “The Beverly Hillbillies.” GENIUS. This album also features a polka medley (something that Al features on all of his albums except his debut outing) consisting of all Rolling Stones tunes.One of the very best songs on this album is Al's doo-wop ballad "One More Minute" which was inspired by a break-up Al had gone through shortly before beginning production of this album.In the music video for the song, he rips up a picture of the actual ex-girlfriend.Al decided to make his disgust vocal with the parody "Achy Breaky Song." Also included on this album is Al's homage to the Steven Spielberg hit movie of the same name, "Jurassic Park;" Al's tribute to our favorite stone age family in the style of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Bedrock Anthem;" and the theme song for Al's faithful pet and sidekick "Harvey the Wonder Hamster." Best Parody: "Bedrock Anthem"Best Original: "Frank's 2000 TV"To accompany the marvelous (even if it was flop at the box office) film UHF, Al released a soundtrack album.

It seems Al was quite busy during the making of the movie because the album has its share of audio bits from the film (like the fake commercials for “Gandhi II” and “Spatula City”).

And who doesn't want to hear a tribute to Ed Mc Mahon?

Al's parody of "Who's Johnny" by El De Barge, newly titled "Here's Johnny", is a fitting tribute to Johnny Carson's well-known sidekick.

To be honest, some of the problem could be due to the fact that the quality of the popular songs that have been coming out of late are just terrible. Some of the parodies on this album are kind of sub-par, but some parodies ("Foil" and "Word Crimes") are stinkin' awesome! I also really love "Sports Song," which is Al's version of a football fight song. "Don't Wear Those Shoes" is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine.

"First World Problems" is an original that kind of caught me off guard. I really wish this song existed when I was in high school marching band (then again, we couldn't have used it because our football team sucked). Best Parody: "Word Crimes"Best Original: "First World Problems"Polka Party! I'll admit its premise is kind of stupid, but that's the beauty of it.

Best Parody: “Another One Rides The Bus”Best Original: “Mr. Just about every artist has an album that has to come after a best-selling album. This is the only album by the weird one that includes a good handful of forgettable tracks (for me, anyway). Where Al usually would do a polka medley of the popular songs of the day, this album's polka song was a bit different.