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One difference — you can start and finish and entire piece with latex paint (one coat of primer, two coats of paint, all in one day).

With Chalk Paint, from all I’ve read, you can’t do everything in one day.

One quality that people are always praising about Chalk Paint is, “It’s so easy to distress!

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It doesn’t require primer in order to stick, but very often it does require a coat or two of shellac first, or you’ll get water stains or red stain bleeding through your finish.You can visit The Purple Painted Lady to learn more about when you should prep your piece with shellac before painting with Chalk Paint. The desk was white, and I used the orange color (can’t remember the name), and I got almost half of the desk finished.), and then I primed and painted it with regular latex paint.One coat of primer, and two coats of latex paint later, I had this…Before I sanded it down to repaint, I wanted to test the amazing durability I had heard so much about, so I ran my fingernail over the top of the desk with a moderate amount of pressure. There was nothing amazing about the durability that I could see.

I mentioned this to someone, and they said, “Oh, to really get the durability, you have to wax it.” Okay, so the big hype about Chalk Paint is that it doesn’t require in order to get the full benefit. I fail to see the difference in the amount of work required there.The bottom line is that I enjoy the prep work and the sanding, because I now that my finished product will only be as good as the prep work I put into it. I LOVE my Zinsser Cover Stain oil-based primer because once it’s dry, I sand it with super fine sandpaper to make it as smooth as possible (a process I actually love doing).And painting over a super smooth surface like that using paint with paint conditioner (I use Floetrol for latex and Penetrol for oil-based paints) added will ensure that I get the best possible outcome — as close to a sprayed finish as possible using a paint brush.You have to let the paint really dry (overnight, I assume), before you can wax it.But you can’t buff the wax to a satin finish until it sits for about 24 hours. So I guess I don’t see how that’s easier and saves time.I’m continually asked why I don’t use Chalk Paint, so I thought I’d just put all the info in a post.