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Then some are bare with no carpets and bare walls while some are carpeted - is there any difference in them?

We would be renting through an estate agent and look on and KK= Kosten Koper, meaning the buyer has to pay any charges related to the sale of the property.

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There is a temporary rule for owners of 2 properties where the second property is unoccupied and up for sale where they can also claim for the second property.

Once the property is rented out they lose this entitlement but it can only be exercised for a maximum of 2 years maximum.

To store a file in i Cloud, simply drag it into the i Cloud Drive folder on your Windows PC and the program will automatically upload content to the cloud, in the background.

The program also keeps your Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome bookmarks on Windows in sync with your Safari bookmarks.

One of the biggest problems right now is what to do with all our photos.

And if that company’s been Apple, you’ve basically been a guinea pig in a good idea that was hastily (and poorly) executed.

After this, the only way the contract can end is a) the landlord wants to move back in himself, or b) you give the agreed notice period (in writing) as stated in the contract.

A good makelaar should go through a rental agreement with you in English before you sign it.

No more wondering where your files are saved — the answer is on all your devices, even an i Phone or another Mac.

Hi all, We have sold our property in the UK to a cash buyer so are now looking at rental properties in greater detail in the Netherlands.

This is the Netherlands and contracts are set in stone: they are unbreakable, and for that reason, you need to know exactly what you're signing.