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Howard Clock Company, which is still in operation but is not located in Waltham. Eastman started the business that is now the Chelsea Clock Company in 1886.During this time watchmaking advanced to its present excellence.The growth of antique clock online auctions has made it more convenient for collectors to purchase genuine quality timepieces such as modern luxury clocks, vintage clocks, and animated novelty clocks.

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Antique clocks bring a certain kind of infatuation.

This can stem from a fascination with the inner workings of mechanical gadgets, a optimism in the growing worth of antique clocks, or preoccupation with objects that provide a window to the past. Followers of antique clock auctions know that the market value and interest in certain timepieces rises and falls in waves just like any antique or collectible object.

Deck watches from WW1 and from around the time of the Battle of Jutland are now quite rare.

The National Maritime Museum records dept may hold information on this numbered watch and which ships it was issued to.

Many of these clocks are used in the measuring of water supply in the cities of New York, Chicago, Boston and a dozen other cities.

Practically every hydroelectric development in the country, such as TVA, is based on information gathered by instruments over a period of ten years which are operated by Chelsea clocks.After experiencing operating difficulties, the name of the company became the Boston Clock Company and the business was bought by Charles H. At this time he changed the name yet again to the Chelsea Clock Company.While the early days of the company were somewhat stormy, the same devotion to the idea of making the finest quality clock has always been maintained.In addition to the use of Chelsea clocks in the home and at sea, they are used in a great variety of instruments for recording purposes.In water stage-recorders they are used in Russia, Japan, India, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico and many other places.On offer for sale is this very rare WW1 silver cased Royal Navy Admiralty issue deck watch by W J Johnson of Coventry no 343151, circa 1914.