dating for real people Dating a successful man

It’s one of the great mystery’s of the world, “why can’t all men be successful, wealthy, gentleman”?

Do we, as women, ask too little from the opposite sex so that they aren’t inspired to adopt the principles of ambition or determination?

We ‘choose’ to be with you, not because we don’t want to be alone, but because we really love your company.Because — let’s be honest — we have always been in a relationship with ‘our work’.Because to us, every target is a rung in the ladder on the way to our ultimate success. You may think we’ll be burnt out which we might or already are.We’re constantly thinking about the next challenge, the next target to meet, and the next goal. But this is how we function, and we can’t help that we are this way.A successful man has certain qualities that have contributed to his success in life, that also make him a desirable man to date.

If you had to pick between someone who is driven and respectful, or someone who was lazy and selfish, that would be a no-brainer right?

I think it’s time for women to start asking more from their partners, and if they can’t get the kind of relationship they deserve, than it’s time to look elsewhere.

It’s not because we don’t want to commit or that we don’t care, but because work and success are important to us.

There is a huge difference between dating a successful man and dating, well the average man.

The obvious difference is money, but that’s not the only thing that separates them from the pack.

They are our focus and anything that comes in the way of achieving our goals and dreams will have to be secondary.