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He would get dances only from her and chat only with her.

She would keep other strippers away, allowing the two of them to privately get to know one another even more.“It would be the perfect setup,” he said.

“She could give me all this wonderful conversation, lap dances and company, with none of the commitment.

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I think this book is great very short and not much to i thought but a good start to get your feet wet and lay a foundation to the process and inner working to this lifestyle I enjoyed reading it and learned a few pointers from it also!

If the girl of your dreams walked into your life, would you turn her away if she were a stripper?

Which is all just another way of saying: I feel justified in having gone to see Magic Mike. They can make you question yourself: Why can’t earn more money/network better/find yourself fawned over by some buxom assistant?

I don’t want to feel guilty for delighting, as I do, in Chaning Tatum’s dance moves. Well, those fears fade away like body oil on the shaven flesh of your next boyfriend.

I find the flawed type of person that sends me into automatic ‘He could never be the one’ mode,” she says.

“As soon as I find that, I pursue them with a sense of coldness.The energy of a male strip club is predominantly comic — women are laughing, yelping, etc. In which case, perhaps I ought to try and make some other male stripper mine. I met a guy on a dance floor in 2006 – he was busting out some seriously rhythmic and impressive moves — and then we started dating, and then we had sex, and it was most mundane experience of my whole entire life, one that soured me on the idea that guys who move well in life will do so in the bedroom. And as every long journey begins with a single step, so does every dinner out begins with a single dollar bill. The thing is, a lot of high-earners — even though they’re great in many ways – they can also be intimidating.— whereas in the prototypical female strip club, it’s one of arousal and, oftentimes, depression. They can make you feel like your own career isn’t progressing.It is based on the author's actual experiences dating strippers.Even better is the customer support provided as the author will answer your personal questions via email.I play the game carefully — too carefully — to not get attached.