dating widows only Dating a gibson acoustic guitar

The body was now made of alder, and the maple neck was bolted on, with the four-in-line headstock.

dating a gibson acoustic guitar-77

The new version (Model BCRS) was redesigned to have a much more rounded form, much closer to a Fender bass design, just slightly more exaggerated waists.The upper horn remained extended, but was much thicker.By ’96 the name had changed to become simply the Artist Studio (Model GATA-SO).In ’97, the name changed again to just plain Artist. There would be further variations on the Artist Series, as it became known, but we’ll come back to this in a moment.It had just slightly offset double cutaways with a slightly extended upper horn and a slightly deeper treble cutaway. The body was mahogany with a carved, figured koa top with a glued-in mahogany neck.

The 22-fret rosewood fingerboard had a 251/2″ scale, dot inlays, and a Hamer three-and-three head.

After the relocation, the Artist Archtop became known as the Artist Custom, the name it carries today.

Also introduced in ’95 was the Studio Archtop Artist.

The Artist Archtop (sometimes also called the Artist Arched Top or Archtop Artist -fun, eh?

) was very similar to the Sunburst Archtop, introduced in ’91.

Eclipse Not resting on its laurels, yet two more new Hamer models debuted in ’94 – the Eclipse and the Mirage.