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Typically you will be validating text that is provided by a Text Box, but it could also come from a Combo Box where the user can type their selection.As for validating the text, it can range from simply ensuring there is value (i.e., not an empty string) or more complex task such as validating the format of an email address. Once you have written a validation function for a specific format, convert it into a snippet, so the next time you need to validate similar data, you will save time by simply inserting your snippet.or through a valid value on the input element the component is attached to) then the first time the user opens the datetimepicker widget the value is initialized to the current moment of the action.

The bad news is that you have to script your validation and it can change depending on the data type and format. Validation Example 1: Checking if a Text Box Field is Empty For the first example, we will create a simple function that will ensure the field is empty as well as making sure it doesn’t only contain blank spaces.In this example, we cancel the validation, when the field is empty or has only whitespaces.A good user interface will validate user input to ensure it is in the correct format.This may come in the form of simply checking if there is an entry for a field, such as a name or a more complex task such as validating an email address.Problem is when I select a date from the datapicker, On Text Changed event or validations do not fire as it does when I type values in the textboxes or select it from a calendar control and tab out. you could just use the masked input pluggin and not even worry about client side validation since it enforces it for you. I neither got an error regarding vals, nor an empty on Select function worked for me.

Causes Validation attribute supposed to help out but didn't. control.datepicker().mask('99/99/9999'); see: Thanks, did not know that but I need to have the validators incase javascript is disabled. I am not worried about the validators as much since I don't let the user enter data without validation. When I took them out, On Text Changed event fired as expected after the postback. If I understand correctly, empty on Select function prevents the validators from being triggered via preventing the change event from being fired.Use this to update multiple options on the component.I wanted a simple, light(ish) weight date and time selector for our project.There is no need to validate a control that loses focus when the user wishes to cancel out of the form; therefore, the button’s Causes Validation property can be set to false.As it turns out, validating controls depends on what type of control and the format of the data you wish to validate.options can be either a date string in the format of YYYY-MM-DD or a Date object.