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Parents who find it on their teens' phones can conclude just one thing: Your kid is hiding things from you.OK, so you've undoubtedly heard of Snapchat, an app that allows you to send a photo or video from your phone and determine how long the person on the other end can see the image until it self-destructs.

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They wanted to get her out quickly, in part, so that she could start cancelling her credit cards.Toya said, "So I had to go back and get all these other documents just to say, ‘Hey, I am me.’" She says she understands a mistake, but she had hoped for a little more compassion.BEDFORD HEIGHTS, Ohio-The FOX 8 I TEAM has obtained police video that shows what happened during an arrest that left a local officer and a suspect later saying ‘Uh-oh.’ The video shows a Bedford Heights officer taking a woman to jail on an old warrant.But the officer left the woman’s purse on top of the patrol car and drove away. Body camera video shows the moment the officer realizes what had happened.Lewis says the best way to solve this situation is for parents to add their teen to their i Cloud account.

That way, whenever a new app is downloaded by the teen, it will automatically download to the parent's phone as well. Last fall, there was a headline-making case in a Colorado high school where teens used apps to hide a huge sexting ring from parents and school officials." The incident happened in June, but the I TEAM obtained the video Friday.We spoke to Bradley and she said, “Of course, I was never thinking he was gonna be that careless to leave it on top of the car." Bradley says, in the purse, she had cash, credit cards, even social security cards.The chief says the officer did not face any discipline -- just a look back at that video and a lesson learned.Not everything online is evil, nor does danger lurk behind every new app that comes to market. Kids can hide any app they don’t want you to see, Teen Safe says.No parent wants to find a photo of their teen daughter or son on sites like snapperparty or sexting forum.