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If this failed, then he appointed Robert Gordon, bailie of Ayr in his stead.

He also appointed overseers to his children ñ the said Robert Gordon, Martin Leitch, one of the keepers of His Majesties wardrobe, Fergus Mc Cubene of Tradunnock, Alexander Purveyance, notary and William Kelso, merchant burgess of Ayr He left a furnished feather bed to his eldest daughter, Jonet 100 merks to his second daughter, [Marion] 20 merks to the poor The residue, after his debts had been paid and his wife had received her third was to be divided among the three children.

William Birnie, minister at Ayr, Alan Cuninghame, fuller, James Logan and James Watson, officers of the burgh, George Kessane, merchant there, Adam Makcuben, servitor of the said provost, Alexander Crechton, indweller in Edinburgh, and others in 1621.He died in Oct 1633 in Burgh of Air; Glasgow Commissary Court, CC9/7/26 Adame Mc Cubein,one of the ordinary officers if the burgh of Air and Margaret Muir, his spouse, recorded 14 April 1634 They died intestate, He died in October 1633 and she died in February 1634.a handsome mansion, erected in the last centuary by Lord Auchinleck, the house is still the property of the Boswell family. The name for each individual has not been changed from the original document. Robert M’CUBYN OF CUMNOCK, AYR was recorded in1527 at Cumnock Protocol Book of Gavin Ros. Instrument narrating that Andrew Hog of Barschar gave sasine of 5 acres of arable land … pasturing in the messuage of Barschar, to Robert M’Cubyn, according to a charter thereupon. John Eglinton, chaplain.”1529 at Cumnock Robert M’Cubyn Protocol Book of Gavin Ros. Thomas Campbell, rector of Cumnok, George Makgathan of Barlanathane, John Campbell of Schankistoun and Sir William Hum.”1. Cumnock,1531, The Protocol Book of Gavin Ros, Scottish Record Society Included in the following list of voters were two other Mc Cubbins – Sir Fynlaw (Finlay) M’Cubyn and Patrick M’Cubyn. ) to the person of Sir Thomas Craufurd, present and accepting.FAMILY CONNECTIONS There has long been controversy as to where John the Colonist of America originated. of meadow, with hay growing thereon, and pasture of two . Done on the ground of the lands of Barschar 23 November 1527. 1529 Scottish Record Society “1029 Instrument narrating that Robert M’Cubyn freely resigned five acres of arable land and one acre of meadow in the hands of Andrew Hog of Barschar as in the hands of his over lord, with charter and sasine for ever. It is not know what relationship Sir M’Cubyn had with the other two. Parishioners of Cumnok, have chosen Sir Thomas Craufurd of Cumnok in and to the said office of clerkship, which had fallen, as they asserted, into their hands by decease of the late John Campbell, last parish clerk and possessor of the same, and they have given freely their votes and choice to him. These things were done at the church (of Cumnok) April 1531.He was recorded in Publications, Volume 12 By Ayrshire and Galloway Archaeological Association, Ayr and Wigton Archaeological Association 1621 Sasine, on Crown Precept, in favour of the Burgh of Ayr.ó[15th October 1621.] Abstract.

34 Instrument of Sasine following on the Precept, No.The contents of his house etc was valued at £266/13/4d 2 tuns of wine ñ 520 merks Total £1,413/6/8d Debts owed to him by: Mr John Reid of Pennyland in a bond – £73 More by him for wine for the kirk – £10 Hew Blair of Blairtoun for wine and other furnishings for his house – £6/13/4d William Gray in his ticket – £76 John Mc Neill in his ticket – £10 Robert Hunter, officer in Mon…* in a bond – £12 William Gemmill in Templelands ñ in a bond – £40 Nicoll Mirrie of borrowed silver ñ 20/John Osburne, provost of Ayr and Hew Kennedy bailie there, spent by them with Robert Levingston, servitor to the Earl of Eglinton – £3/4/ More spent by them with James Finlay in Glasgow ñ 25/ More spent by them with the minister before he went to Edinburgh ñ 13/John Crawfurd of Cambler – £6/11/ Margaret Mc Cubene ñ 6 dollars at £16/16/- Mr Gilbert Ross, minister – £25/4/Alan Sempill, flesher – £14 George Logan, merchant burgess of Ayr for woll – £20 Mr Andrew Dalrymple, notary in Mauchline for wine for the kirk – £32 James Blair, son to the Laird of Adamstoun – £8/7/- Mr John Shaw, minister at Auchinleck – £10 The Laird of Corsbie for wine – £5/5/- Harie Stewart of Barskyming in a bond – £34 Robert Gordon, bailie in a bond ñ 500mekrs Jean Lockhart, relict of Adam Ritchie – £14 Total – £753/14/Inventory plus debts – £2,167/-/8d Debts owing by him to: Martin Leitch ñ 1,000 merks John Mc Cubene, son to the deceased Adam Mc Cubene – £33/6/8d Sarah Mc Cubene, daughter to the deceased Robert Mc Cubene – £26/13/4d George Angus for wine ñ 520 merks and to him as part of his ëtocher gudí (dowry) ñ 280 merks William Mc Cubene, his son, for his board and furniture in France – £72 Rent for his house to Jonet Kennedy, widow – £10 To servants, Agnes Suttar, Margaret Murchie and Bessie Murdoch (£8, 40/-, £10 respectively) Jon Mc Cletche, merchant burgess of Ayr ñ 6/Total – £1,374/6/Free gear – £792/13/8d To be divided in three parts Deceasedís part – £264/4/10d Quot – £6/8/Legacy Made at Ayr on the .He appointed his children, Alexander, Jonet and Marion to be his executors and George Angus, his son-in-law to be their tutor (they were therefore underage).We found a mention of Sir Finlay M’Cubyn, but nothing further. The earliest references to Drongan lands are to be found in documents dating to the 14th Century.There is a strong possibility that the Mc Cubbins of this family are linked with the Mc Cubbins of Tradunnock and Knockdolian. Auchinlek of that Uk, knight ; and is witnessed by Tho. In the 1390’s these lands were granted to the Craufurds whose stronghold for 250 years was Drongan Castle.Wills & Testaments Glasgow Commissary Court CC9/7/27.(a) Patrick MCCUBENE Merchant Burgess of Ayr married Marion FULLERTON. He died in May 1637 in Ayr, Ayr; was recorded in Glasgow Comissary Court, 29 July 1637.