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The family group is named after her great-great grandmother." Group members post announcements about all sorts of things, including family get-togethers, information about their own businesses, deaths in the family, and memorial services.In fact, they're now planning an 18th birthday trip to the Dominican Republic for Pyle's niece.

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They cater more to other kinds of groups, such as sports teams, professional clubs, or schools.Other sites, such as myfamily.com, Family Lobby.com, and My Great Big focus on groups of kin.Whether families are scattered across the globe or living in the same neighborhood, it gets tough keeping up with each other.Even the annual events, birthdays and anniversaries, sometimes fall by the wayside.While at first glance many of the sites seemed similar, I found there were differences in cost, disk space, functionality, themes, or templates for a site.

Sites such as Groupsite.com, Shutterfly’s Nexo and Qlubb include family as a type of group but may go beyond your needs.

Knowing my relatives were out there thinking of us was a huge help." On social-networking sites, families can set up and plan events, share photos, post their current activities, and engage in online discussions.

The drawback is that the group is only accessible to family members who have set up profiles on the site of choice.

Groups, to create private "groups," which invite family members to join and enable them to easily communicate via online posts or discussions.

Rolanda Pyle of New York is part of a Facebook group that currently includes 38 members of her extended family.

But the good news is that you never have to miss another birthday or family event, thanks to the miracle of technology.