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For C we are still in development mode, so it is not possible to estimate the quene time.Contact John Gosse for quene times, costs, and other submission questions.

Pre-treatment of river sediment and soil samples for cosmogenic isotope analyses (10Be, 26Al) includes purification steps to obtain pure quartz sands prior to dissolution and element separation by ion chromatography column chemistry.

From sieved samples, minerals are separated by magnetic separation and/or heavy liquids, and silicate and oxide minerals are chemically separated from quartz by leaching with acids (HF, HCl, HNO3) at elevated temperatures.

We currently process ~100 samples per year for a number of cosmogenic nuclides, such as beryllium-10, aluminium-26, and chlorine-36, from a wide variety of lithologies, but have the capacity for over 200 samples per year.

The applications of cosmogenic nuclide methods span the Earth Sciences.

The Cosmogenic Nuclide Laboratory at SGEES was purpose built in 2014 for the preparation of cosmogenic nuclide samples from all branches of the Earth sciences.

The facilities include 2 HF rated extraction hoods and one laminar flow hood, Parr pressure dissolution oven, as well as analytical balances and centrifuge.Projects that involve computation with available calculators or the development of new models or theory will take longer.We normally have samples in the quene for all isotopes.The creation occurs within minerals the upper meter of rocks exposed directly to the sky.If rocks are undisturbed for millennia, differences in the cosmogenic isotope content of the upper and lower surfaces accumulate.The Cosmogenic Isotope Lab is one of three facilities in Canada that are currently producing cosmogenic nuclide targets, and one of only four facilities in the world to prepare targets for all four cosmogenic radionuclides (CL) used for Earth Surface Processes research.