Cigar smoking dating

"They're more socially acceptable than cigarettes."But you can see why women might feel a bit abashed: smoking a cigar for the first time is like having a dirty joke explained to you, or questioning a boarding school tradition.Puffing away like a steam train on something that looks like a slightly rude, burnt hotdog and requires a Churchill-esque underbite to hold in your mouth is simply not a feminine thing to do.Guys on yelp do you find cigar smoking by women sexy?

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Also when you see a guy smoking a cigar do you find it kind of cool?

My friends and I know women who smoke the occasional cigar and we all find it so very hot.

"Maybe they've wanted to try it for a while but still don't feel comfortable enough to do it in front of men. We have one lady, about 60, who smokes the biggest cigars we have in the humidor, and has done for 36 years."Good for her, I think, at the prospect of women romping through the exclusive corridors of this most stinky and antisocial of male habits.

Not only has Rihanna recently been spotted smoking a cigarillo, but some of the greatest female icons have made it their signature.

The Lanesborough and The Langham also boast cigar rooms or terraces to satisfy a growing demand among a new generation of smokers.

I hope my doctor isn't reading this, because I'm fairly sure he'd take a dim view of me pulling away on a Cuban at 10am on a Friday morning. And besides, it was all in the name of research."We have a lot of ladies who come for the first time," says Edita Nemethova, Manchester Street's cigar sommelier and a connoisseur of the aromatic pastime.

One over three hours maybe, is really nice but there isn't always time."And the cigar industry is catering to this new market – unsurprisingly, given cigar sales declined by 5.4 per cent last year and were hit severely by the smoking ban.

But they're on the up again, as hotels get wise to the limitations of the laws.

I am somewhat of an avid cigar smoker, in the Summer and Spring I smoke about 4 cigars a week and in the winter maybe a couple a month.

Anyway I am wondering do any of the ladies on yelp or any of your female friends smoke cigars.

It tastes of privilege, but also of a sour sort of nothing, and the only other person in the cigar room is a Russian businessman."You don't stub out a cigar," Nemethova says, as I lay the hot dog down on a silver ashtray.