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While the Quran will never be supported or upheld by Christians, this article will unveil some interesting facts residing within the Quran that, surprisingly, only reaffirms the greatness and power of Christ.

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You can watch “Foxcatcher: The Shocking Truth” on Friday, June 16 at pm.

For many Christians, Islam’s holy book is an unfamiliar document that beholds alarming and incomprehensible teachings, many of which directly call for the punishment of "disbelievers"— but undeniably, it also beholds over 50 stories that parallel historical events found in the Bible.

This is not to suggest that Christians do not get depressed, suffer from bipolar disorder, or become suicidal. However the first step to climbing out of an emotional pit is to believe in the Lord Jesus and surrender your life to Him in every way, “casting your cares upon him because he cares for you.” Remember that through the forgiveness of our sins based on the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, we have fellowship with the creator of the universe, who loves us, and we have the promise of eternity in heaven with Him.

So no matter how bad it gets while we’re here on earth, we have the hope of a brighter future!

After the shocking incident, du Pont was found guilty of third-degree murder and sentenced to prison where he remained until his death in 2010.

In 2014, “Foxcatcher” (the film in which du Pont was the subject) made it to the big screen and earned several Oscar nominations.We must never expect to find meaning and satisfaction from the world.Meaning, satisfaction, joy, and completeness come ultimately from God.As the Bible says, "Fix your mind on things above." We know that depression, bipolar, and suicidal thoughts often coincide with drug or alcohol abuse.In fact, a full 60 percent of people with bipolar disorder also abuse drugs or alcohol.Some think the drugs are life-saving, others think they make the problem worse.