Christian advice for dating a divorced man

The level of odium still heaped on them by many members of the public is shocking —and I don’t suppose this week’s Panorama on Wednesday helped.

BBC reporter Richard Bilton revealed that, back in Praia da Luz ten years ago, supporters of the Mc Canns had asked him to act as a spy regarding the movements of one-time suspect Robert Murat, who was subsequently cleared of any involvement in the disappearance.

Pitt’s first wife, Jennifer Aniston, claimed years ago that her then husband would lie on the sofa smoking pot all day.

Is it wrong to imagine that this artistic output consists of giant female statues wearing pointed black hats moulded by Brad’s own trembling hands? However, if you are a guy who hasn’t washed a teacup or picked up your own socks since you rose to fame in Thelma & Louise, well, then you might get to thinking this makes you some kind of home-making hero. However, something corrosive has happened to the very concept of psychotherapy these days, elevating it to a position of sacred eminence which cannot ever be criticised.Perhaps the word WITCH sprayed on the studio wall in a really artistic way. Therapy is represented as a cure-all for everyone, be you a duchess with complicated feelings following the birth of your second child, a serial axe murderer hungry for victim number 17 or a Hollywood film star who has just been dumped.You don’t have to look hard to see the effect the tragedy has had.Both of them look hard-fired and brittle — glazed in some kiln of despair.It has been six months since Angelina kicked him out and, of course, Sad Dad Brad has been using his time wisely. national parks, in which he posed for a lavish set of GQ photographs doing tumble tots, crying prettily and literally standing in a swamp because, like, he is standing in a metaphorical swamp of life, geddit?

First, he has stopped drinking, which is excellent news. He was also snapped in a complicated clingy pink silk outfit which made him look like a sad sausage that had escaped its casing.

One might think someone with Angelina’s demons would be a little more sympathetic.

She has a history of severe substance abuse and was once diagnosed with a personality disorder of her own.

Hankies out, everyone, because here comes Hollywood’s latest tragic figure — Sad Dad Brad.

The estranged husband of Angelina Jolie and now semi-detached father to their six children has given his first divorce-era, post-therapy interview to GQ magazine. I just don’t know if I can take much more of it myself. You see, it’s not that Brad likes smoking pot and drinking too much that caused the end of his marriage.

You have to wonder why this, no doubt lavishly remunerated, counsellor didn’t just say, listen you 53-year-old, multimillionaire, chronically pampered man-baby, why don’t you try growing up?