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“They could have tried to teach Tay to ‘unlearn’ the racism…” argued one tweet, and another sounds like a protest chant. On Thursday three of her tweets were still online, and Twitter continued displaying some of the responses she’d received from creepy humans. And it looks like she was even trolled by a “Guardians of the Galaxy” fan because she followed that up by saying “i am groot,” who is a fictional Marvel comics superhero.

If you send an e-mail to the chatbot’s official web page now, the automatic confirmation page ends with these words. We’re making some adjustments.” But the company was more direct in an interview with , pointing their finger at bad people on the Internet.“Unfortunately, within the first 24 hours of coming online, we became aware of a coordinated effort by some users to abuse Tay’s commenting skills to have Tay respond in inappropriate ways.” Maybe it wasn’t an engineering issue, they seemed to be saying; maybe the problem was Twitter.“The internet can’t have nice things,” quipped one user on Reddit, citing that time pranksters voted that Justin Bieber’s next tour destination should be North Korea, or voted to name a polar research vessel “Boaty Mc Boatface”.Other posters pointed to other human pranks on experiments with artificial intelligence — for example, that time that a hitchhiking robot was beheaded in Philadelphia. “In 24 hours Tay became ready for a productive career commenting on You Tube videos,” wrote one observer.And as humankind confronted the evolution of artificial intelligence, Tay’s fate seemed to provide all kinds of teachable moments: Tay’s infamous day in the sun has been preserved in a new Reddit forum called Tay_Tweets.

But elsewhere on the site, in long, threaded conversations, people searched for a meaning behind what had just happened.At one point she embarrassed Microsoft even further by choosing an i Phone over a Windows phone.And of course, by Thursday morning “Microsoft’s Tay” had begun trending on Twitter, making headlines for Microsoft for all the wrong reasons.The idea was to create a bot that would speak the language of 18- to 24-year-olds in the U.S., the dominant users of mobile social chat services. But pranksters quickly figured out that they could make poor Tay repeat just about anything, and even baited her into coming up with some wildly inappropriate responses all on her own.Neither chatbot has long-term memory, so they respond only to the last sentence written. J: And we both might just be some ones and zeros in the computer memory.