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He also holds a degree in Business Programming, an unfinished degree in Computer Science and a WIP degree in Game Design and Development.A member of the Tex Murphy community forums for well over a decade, it was this involvement that led him to being involved in the creation of The Poisoned Pawn when Project Lead Holger put the call out for volunteers to help with a side project he was working on, and what started as a remake of Tex Murphy: Overseer then led to The Poisoned Pawn.``The best part about working on this project is that we have these ideas of such immense scope and we are all willing to push ourselves to make it happen.

The next few months they spent night after night in the office of Holger’s father using his ``powerful`` 486 33-Mhz Computer, playing their first Tex Murphy game.During the Kickstarter Campaign for Tesla Effect, because Chris Jones mentioned that BFG were using the Unity Engine, Holger thought it would be great if someone would remake one of the older games.As a kid he got his first Commodore 64 and besides playing a lot of games, he made his first experiences with the programming language ‘Basic’ and wrote his first simple text and graphic adventures, but none of them should ever see the light of the day.In the late 90's he and his former girlfriend went to the Ce BIT, the largest and most internationally recognized computer expo.Germaine (Jason Tatom), must revisit some of his most gripping cases in order to decipher his true past, and prepare him for an uncertain future.

Holger is a senior software engineer and software architect working for a company specialized in the energy market.

Being a programmer in his regular job, Holger was happy that someone else could take over producing so he could focus more on new grounds, thus becoming the design lead and level designer of the project.

Darren taught himself to program on an Amstrad CPC464 when monochrome monitors were all the rage.

It wasn't until 2012 when the old Access Software team (now Big Finish Games) announced they were creating a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new Tex Murphy title that Mat decided he would take his skills down the gaming avenue.

Putting his experience to work, he created a series of short videos to help promote the Kickstarter campaign for Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure.

Karen was then approached by Holger about remaking a Tex Murphy game.