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You have to be that type of person to get up in the morning, even if you were in the studio all night long- working until 8 am, you gotta be ready to only sleep for an hour and get back up and grind again! Watch out folks it seems as if Chanel is definitely about to turn things up in the game… …In the meanwhile, if you haven’t already, click over and check out Chanel‘s “I Love Money” video and download the latest mixtape from Chanel West Coast at the link below.Hollywood is small city and Miss Nikki Baby just made it smaller by introducing her ex-producer-boo Safaree and her host-turned-rapper friend, Chanel West Coast to see if they could make music together.

I don’t come from money or anything, it wasn’t like I had my dad making phone calls hooking me up with studios or anything.

I basically had to work my butt off since I was 14 years old.

Just because Safaree and Nikki are just friends that put their drama behind them, doesn’t mean they still don’t flirt with each other every chance they get.

While waiting for Chanel to arrive, Nikki warns that Chanel’s booty isn’t like hers, but Chanel still might be able to do it like Nikki.

So working with them came easy because you guys were friends? Snoop was one of the harder features to get because he’s so busy but I knew I had to make that happen because my name is Chanel “West Coast” and I feel as though I couldn’t be Chanel “West Coast” without having a song with Snoop Dogg. What can fans expect from ‘Chanel West Coast’ 5 years down the line… As an artist, in the next five years, I definitely wanna have several albums out.

I want to be able to put a ton of music out for my fans and not keep them waiting.

I was on these shows for the meantime, because I didn’t come from money.

I was really broke around the time that the opportunity was offered to me and the show was a great opportunity to not only be in the spotlight but to make money- which I really needed.

I definitely think in the next 5 years I’ll have my own fashion line because I’m very into fashion.

Also, I would like to get into the acting world a little bit more too. Is there anything else that you would like the world to know about you that they don’t already know?

Being a fan of his, when I caught the official news that I was going to be on the label- it was the most exciting thing in my life.