Carrie dating romo underwood

Outside the door she blissfully announced, "This country girl is goin' to Hollywood!

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She won't watch television shows with celebrity gossip, and she worries what her family must think about the media circus."I would talk to my mom," Underwood says, "and she'd be like, `Now they're saying blah, blah, blah.' She worries more about this stuff than I do because no parent would want anybody saying bad things about their daughter. I don't know anything, I haven't done anything.' So we don't talk about any gossip anymore."Life in the bubble: It wasn't always like that.

In the summer of 2004, a pretty girl in faded jeans and a pink scoop-neck top, her curly blond hair falling just past her shoulders, paced the carpeted hallway of a St. At 21, she'd never flown on an airplane and had traveled only once outside her home state of Oklahoma—a family road trip to neighboring Colorado.

Because they grew up in very similiar lifestyles and from "similiar backgrounds." 12.

Carrie: We're very good friends, and I talk to him pretty much every day, whether it's a text or whatever.

Because apparently, she was looking at wedding dresses. Because they were definitely more than "just friends". Because their love makes everything else seem so small. Because they "understand where each other is coming from." 14.

Because she "talks to him pretty much every day." 13. Because he's been labeled a ladies man [he's not] but always had time for this one special lady.

There followed three Grammys, six Academy of Country Music awards, and four—and counting—Country Music Association awards. Says Travis about Underwood's gift, "She knows how to choose material that works for her as a singer.

Her first album, Some Hearts, is one of the bestselling country music records in history and has been certified seven times platinum, and Carnival Ride has had three No. And she's grown so much as a writer, as a performer. She's really growing as a career artist, and there's no end in sight for her."Cut to March 2008—four years and two albums totaling more than million in sales later. These songs connect with an audience on a personal level—they're songs they can relate to, because they've lived through what's being said in the song."That equation has worked both ways for Carrie Underwood. "You're plucking someone out of nowheresville, wherever they may be, in some job that they probably don't like, or going to school, or not doing anything....

But I haven't talked to him since, like, May." Having "learned her lesson" about mentioning her private life at all in interviews, Underwood refuses to say whether she's currently dating.

"It's even more awkward when rumors emerge that you're dating people you're not—like, say, a certain Olympic gold medalist in swimming, as happened after the Beijing Games in August. So I can definitely see where she would be coming from.

We like doing the same things, and we come from simliar backgrounds, and we both stumbled into big fame real fast.