Capricorn man dating style

He would be the quiet and calm person at the party, rather than the flashy and flamboyant type.

This earth sign makes a very loyal friend, often admired for his rational thinking and simple outlook towards life.

While I truly embody the Cancer ideals by being a stay-at-home mom, nurturer, and caregiver, my husband is quite the opposite.

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This is because he may sometimes build a wall around him.So, breaking that wall would be tad difficult for you.My feelings for him became very intense but I cared for him and his wife so I just ignored how I felt. We left our jobs and went to another place of employment and somehow drugs became a part of both of our lives.We did them together, bought them together and paid for them together.He may seem reserved in his behavior, but he is surely a family person and would take good care of his family members.

If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Capricorn and Cancer compatibility article on this relationship first.

He will keep going relentlessly, without a break until the job is done.

Sometimes you may feel your Capricorn man is too reserved in nature.

While it is good in many ways that he is so devoted to his work because it allows me to stay at home to raise the kids, it certainly does create some intense feelings between the two of us.

My emotions certainly get the best of me when I'm needing some quality time with my hubby, and his never quit attitude at work makes it hard for him to drop a project at a moment's notice to help ease my insecurities.

Fortunately, it creates some intense moments in the bedroom for us both, also.