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OR maybe you would rather buy healthier snacks to combine with your clever note, but an apple happens to be hard to hang on a poster! Continue Reading Creative Candy Gram Cards for Dad We all love and appreciate the role of "DAD!" We get one special day each year to really showcase how much we love him.So we commissioned our dear Courtney, the crazy talented designer behind Paperelli, to design some NEW, holiday-themed candy bar gift tags.

If you're looking for an over-the-top creative way to show the world how special he is - look no further!!

Father's Day Candy Grams are a great way to show Dad how much you love him and satisfy his sweet tooth with one big BANG! Continue Reading Easy, Romantic Gift Idea Our popular Printable Candy Bar Gift Tags and Holiday Candy Bar Gift Tags are the PERFECT quick & easy gift idea when you're looking for a small gift.

These treat tags aren't your ordinary love notes - each tag has a a sexy message...


I’ll start with the Candy Gift Ideas and then we’ll move onto the Iron Gift Ideas.

then arrange for these little surprise packages to pop up everywhere throughout the course of the day. Find a huge jar or box and fill it to the brim with as much candy as you can get your hands on. Candy or Chocolate Making Classes Enrol the both of you into an afternoon class on how to make chocolates, or taffy, or sugar-candies.

From large gifts to sweet messages "just because" - a chocolate bar or candy treat is always welcome! I mean, who wouldn’t LOVE a candy bar love note or two?! ALL YOU NEED FOR THIS QUICK & EASY GIFT IDEA ARE: #1) Some candy bars#2) Our printable candy bar gift...

Today, thanks to the help of my fellow creative Dating Divas, we came up with over 40 gift tags that go with a sweet treat.

But if you’re looking for something a little bigger and want to kick it up a notch or two – we have JUST the thing for you!

And here’s the best part, it’s STILL super quick & easy to pull off too!

”We’ve included some flirty tags you can use as quick and easy “just because” gifts for your spouse AND more generic, creative sayings you can use for quick and easy gifts for your neighbors, friends, kids, or well- love to get a candy bar or two?! Just to help you out even MORE…we also included affiliate links directly to the candy bars you’ll need for each tag, so you can SEE exactly what we are talking about!