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I put together a song, and then I lay down vocals, and that was what I did for so long.Those were our CDs, and that's how we started out at a local level.

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TJ: I think throughout the day, there are always lines or certain words, and I'll just keep notes in my phone.

It might just be one or two words, and then, that could inspire a whole song, lyrically.

We've done that whole spectrum of different varieties of shows, and we've figured out the best way of capturing the audience and taking them to a place where they will have an experience that they will never forget, whether they don't like it, or they actually resonate with what we're trying to do.

So, we do utilize electronics when it comes to backing tracks, and it's our job to put on such an entertaining show that you don't even realize that that's what is going on.

You burn a few copies of them, and then you try to get someone to buy them at your merchandise table, and if not, you just hand them out. That's one of the things that's cool about having a major label behind us is that we can demo all these songs out, get them pretty well set, and then go into a studio that really prides itself on getting the right tones, being able to mic drums, and being able to incorporate more of an organic feel into a song.

I come up with the music, and my favorite thing about music is just the chord structure.

The vocals to "Holding Onto You" were ones that I recorded in my basement before we ever got signed or anything, so we were able to take those files and put them where they needed to be in the mix. When it comes to creating the stuff in the studio..thing is that his role is to be there to make the live shows the best damn shows they can be, and of course, we use a lot of his stuff in the albums.

I really couldn't have dreamt of a better guy to play music with.

I love chords and how they kind of rub up against each other. MR: The really is just a glorified mix-tape that we used as a background to solidifying fans, and it's been kind of our follow through.

When you start a band, you need to have some sort of music for people to go home with.

The point is to give someone an experience that they won't forget, and that maybe they can get something out of, so that's what we try to do.