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Needless to say, I left the W Hotel with a slight buzz and empty-handed.

Date #2 Lesson learned from the first date: If you’re not going to negotiate pay beforehand, you better get a damn good meal out of it.

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However, I like the store-bought sock buns much better because they have a springy texture that holds your hair in place.

After that, I spray my hair down with some L’Oreal Satin Elnett and I’m ready to find me a Sugar Daddy!

So, I made plans to see potential Sugar Daddy #2 at my favorite sushi place in Boston.

I gave my friend Ashley the low-down of where I was and what was going on.

This stuff does not budge–even after sushi, lychee martinis and French food.

With a strong red lip, you don’t want the rest of your makeup to be too heavy, so I would contour my cheekbones with a matte bronzer, but skip the blush. One of my favorite looks with a red lip is a sleek, cat-eye.

I always went with a bare eye, red lips and a top bun–a “classic” look.

My Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Icon is my go-to red lip if I’m going out.

When people would bitch about paying for cover, he would hide. So, what’s a girl to do when she has a job, but isn’t getting paid?

Why not sell herself and her incredible personality?

Addicted to all things beauty, she can show you how to have a damn good time and look fab while doing it.