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The best phone in the US for 2017 has dramatically changed in recent weeks, with new phones from Apple, Google and Samsung shaking up the top 10. The good news is knowing the best phone you can buy is more than just a hunch for us.

We test out the latest and - sometimes - greatest phones in comprehensive mobile .

You use it to pay your bills, stream your music, and socially share your every waking move.

Just about the only thing your smartphone couldn’t do for you was deliver your dream girl—but now there’s an app (or actually, apps) for that, too.

This way, there are no surprises (or at least not as many) if you actually meet in person.

Who it’s for: The guy who is ready to make a serious commitment but wants more information than a written profile can provide.

The true highlight of the One Plus 5 is the price though and this may will be one of the best devices for you on this list if you're looking to spend as little as possible on a top-of-the-range phone.

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This app allows you to find out if she’s single and interested without bugging your buddies.

Sign up using your Facebook account and you’ll instantly be presented with friends of friends who are single and also using Hinge to meet someone through a trusted source.

And the best part is you won’t owe your friend anything for setting up the date—or have to blame him if it crashes and burns.