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“Yes, Papi” was the recommended and acceptable go-to cultural inflection.

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Other calls producing dread and anxiety were the dominatrix calls which were curiously, always devoid of racial request.

Mainly, it was a hard call for me because I am not a domineering type at all and it’s difficult for me to do effectively and really own it.

On top of it all, as a person with a pronounced non-American accent, I had to actively work at feigning a strong American accent alongside the requisite chat line “sound.” I took a cutlass to the Trini inflection of my words, chopped my accent out and blunted the sound on consonants like the “t” in party that was typical of the American accent.

And I became an expert at orgasmic breathing over the phone and recreating the sweet squelch of wet pussy inside an ear.

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For a few months shy of a year, I worked part-time, then full time at an adult chat line business in the United States.In the fantasy chat world, you couldn’t not be white unless specifically directed to be. Basically, all requests of a racial and or ethnic sort, tended to be problematic and intraracial and intra-ethnic ones were fascinating in other ways.We were prohibited from speaking Spanish (not that I could) but very often, Latino men would call in to connect to a fantasy Latina and get sort of bummed out when I could not converse in Spanish (even if I knew it).As per my job description, the role of the phone chat operator is to play a stereotypical (usually) heterosexual female “character.” We were effectively “fantasy girls”.A kind of dream young woman, between the ages of 18-24 (unless otherwise specified) that a (more often than not) man could pick up the phone and connect to for conversation and sexual pleasure. The collusion of whiteness with ultimate fantasy female presupposes that this is what the majority of male callers are looking for (especially regulars), and expect — and seemingly, they do.Because of the pervasiveness of sociopolitical, cultural and historical constructs of race, the insidious effects of racism, internalized and otherwise, and white supremacist heteropatriarchal norms, it’s no wonder that who we deem desirable or want to date becomes informed by a variety of these norms.