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It was an icy 30 degrees, but there was no question that the Arizona native was going to run. And her running group from back home—the five women who are her best friends, her sounding board, and her informal political consultants—was there. Sinema, always the chatty one, kept repeating, "I can't believe this, I can't believe this." There's much about Sinema's story that seems unbelievable. She's never been married, is openly bisexual, and claims no religion—definitely an idiosyncratic bio for a national politician.

As the sun came up, the women stopped for a breather on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and looked out over the National Mall. At a time when the gap between rich and poor in America has never been wider, Sinema, who was homeless for a time as a child, crosses economic divides as well as political ones.

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I would love to meet people who have stimulating conversation without drama. Just looking for some connections out there I live up on the Mesa in Lake Montezuma near Sedona and Cottonwood, and just love it here!It is super quiet and peaceful, awesome night skies, lots of open space, and my home sits on a half acre, just a few Im just here to meet new friends who knows maybe something more...She's wearing a full-skirted dress splashed with plum-colored flowers; her eyeglass frames are magenta, the water bottle from which she sips between meetings is fuchsia.(Sinema, the proud owner of more than 100 pairs of shoes, was declared best-dressed politician by an Arizona newspaper for four years running.)"One of the reasons I ran for office in the state legislature," Sinema tells me between meetings with representatives of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and YMCA, "was to help people. If people call our office, they're going to get help." That sounds like a political banality, but Sinema was a social worker before she was a politician, and when she asks visitors, "How can I help? Not to mention that given her freshman status, she's not high enough in the party hierarchy to accomplish much more.Just someone non judgemental, understanding, and someone who i can be my obnoxious silly self with!!

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This is a new generation that's just starting to come of age politically—one that has the potential to rewrite some of the long-standing rules for women in politics.