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She needs to pick the right place that has the lowest risk of being seen by family members or gossiping friends.

Not to mention, she needs to have a “plan B” in case she gets caught.

The actual number might be higher, as families tend to hide such crimes.They are widely reported in regions throughout the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia.It would destroy the honour concept, which binds the family and society together.The “honourable virgin” image is seen as precious and desirable.Romantic relationships are diverse and their nature shouldn’t be generalized.

However, I’ve seen that in many Arab pre-marital relationships, sex and love are completely separate and for a good reason.For a couple to become emotionally and sexually intimate will not only risk sending them into a spiral of guilt or fear, but it can cost the woman her life.According to UN statistics, 5,000 honour killings a year are reported worldwide.Which are basically saying that you’re going against God, the family and all that is good and righteous in the world.You’re doomed if you choose to love or be in a sexual relationship that is outside the sacred institution of marriage.In order for the woman to slip into her sensuality, she needs to be an expert at lying and making things up.