Amy ricky dating real life

Meanwhile, Ethan is not happy when Kathy and Chloe become friends.Amy and Ricky's relationship grows increasingly strained when Amy decides she wants to tour a college in New York.Meanwhile, Kathy offers to tutor Ethan in math but his pride keeps him from accepting her help.

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The gang find themselves celebrating the holidays at an abandoned toy warehouse, when Kathy suddenly goes into labor.Meanwhile, Grace wishes for a Christmas miracle with Jack, who is in a coma.During its fourth season's hiatus, ABC Family announced on February 2, 2012, that the show would be renewed for a fifth season.The fifth season premiered on June 11, 2012, one week after the season 4 finale.Omar leaves his student teaching job and proposes to Adrian.

Ethan pleads with Kathy's parents to let her return home with him. Fields about Amy's lack of enthusiasm towards their marriage - and Amy confides in Dr. Meanwhile, Jack is restless with his injuries and enlists Grace's help.

Adrian is not happy when Omar goes on a business trip without her, especially when she learns that Amy is on the same flight.

George's need to distance himself from Anne leads him down a new career path.

Kathy, a pregnant freshman that Amy has been mentoring, connects with Ricky's dislike foster brother Ethan.

When Amy notices an extremely happy Ricky meeting new friends that she doesn't know at college, she starts to get jealous of his busy and exciting life as a college student, causing a few problems in their relationship.

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