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Not as many as a January 1st or 4th of July reveal day, but definitely some of the very best.

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The first episode of Goong S premiered on January 10, 2007 on MBC; the average nationwide rating for the entire series was 9.7%.Goong S was the most searched and rewatched drama online; Se7en had said that even though the drama was not of much of a success, he does not ever regret accepting the role of his character in the drama.Se7en has also revealed that he will be releasing a digital single called 'Angel' in November 2011, and would release a full Japanese album alongside a Korean album in January 2012.Se7en released his 2nd mini-album on February 1, 2012 with title track "When I Can't Sing." The track was produced by JYP and written by JYP, making it the first ever official collaboration between YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment.On October 14, he released the mini-album I Am Se7en, his first album in over four years, along with the title track, "Give It to Me", and its music video.

Se7en accepted the lead role for the Korean drama Goong S, a spinoff of the drama Goong.

SZA is also going to be working with the Australian rock band, Tame Impala.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, SZA revealed the news and talked about her love for all genres of music.

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Because I have been thinking about it since last year, these reveals will be even better.