If jammies aren’t your jam, we’ll settle for casual attire :). Get everyone to talk about why they love the books they brought and then swap! Everyone draws a number and each successive number gets to choose whether to take a book from the pile or steal a book from someone else.


We have adults from all over the world chatting in our online chat rooms.

If you are looking for casual chat, looking to meet friends or possibly looking for a date then we have a variety of adults to chat with.

Share ideas for other read-in hosts and send a message of support and compassion for refugees!

Thank you for helping build this that provides lasting solutions to the world’s most at-risk refugees.

Do a “Pantry Potluck” and ask guests to grab something they already have on their shelf to share.

It’s fun to see what shows up from the back of your friends’ cupboards! Make it easy for guests to grab their reading material and curl up in a cozy spot.Every day, our residents wake up to new possibilities and new discoveries.Kids play in the treehouse, ride bikes and invent games.Familiarize yourself with our chatroom rules, the FAQ’s page, and the contact page, to ensure a great and satisfying chat session. The Ponds 1,000-acre preserve protects many things, including childhood and a sense of for participants to donate to refugees instead of spend.