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I guess we'll just have to plan another Medora trip!

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The lobby is a destination in itself with a massive library of books on, and by, Theodore Roosevelt.The Rough Rider Hotel is incredibly family-friendly and the rooms are exceptionally large and very clean, with just the right amount of luxury.According to my kids, this is the coolest playground—EVER! The Medora Children's Park is unlike any playground I've been to.Themed as a huge Old West false-front town and fort, the wooden playground also has a stagecoach and train engine, and a special area for toddlers to play.Usually when people think of services like these they assume they mostly only exist in larger cities.

North Dakota and some of its surrounding areas offer some crazy, cool and unique properties to provide a catalyst for your next adventure.

The menu offers many local flavors including this panko breaded walleye, and our other table favorite, the bison osso bucco.

Good eats in Medora Our future visits to Medora won't be complete without a meal at Badlands Pizza.

In our first few minutes in town I was surprised to find such a wide assortment of out-of-state car license plates from states like California, Maine, and Louisiana. Treats abound with old fashioned ice cream shops on almost every block, and (my favorite!

Medora is a destination worth driving thousands of miles to ... ) Cowboy Lyle's Candy a classic barrel candy store.

The playground is just north across the street from Medora Mini Golf. With surprises like this around every corner, Medora easily kept us entertained and smiling. It's important to note that many other businesses and restaurants are also closed in the off-season (but there's a benefit of discounted hotel rates).