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Clam Lake Housing Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Impact Seven, Inc., opened this building designed for persons living with a physical disability.Income eligible tenants pay electricity (electric baseboard heat) and rent is based on 30% of their adjusted income.

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Rent may go up or down according to circumstances but will remain at 30% of adjusted monthly income.

You, as the applicant, are responsible for keeping your application up-to-date.

A worker at the W-2 Agency determines if you are eligible for W-2. You are required to participate in work, or activities to help you get ready to work, in exchange for cash assistance. Please visit the “Find a W-2 Agency” page for contact information. This brochure provides you with a checklist of what to bring with you to apply for W-2. The ACCESS website has an interactive interview that can help determine if you might be eligible for W-2.

A worker at the W-2 Agency will determine which activities are appropriate for you and if you need additional services to participate. You must apply at your local W-2 Agency even if you complete the ACCESS interview.

If you are currently receiving, or expect to receive, social security benefits please include a copy of your current benefits letter with this application.

In elderly or disabled households, expected out of pocket medical expenses (those expenses not covered by Medicare or insurance) in excess of 3% of the gross income are treated as a deduction. All of these expenses must be verified by your doctor, pharmacist, hospital, or insurance company.

The tenant will pay 30% of their adjusted monthly income toward rent and utilities.

A security deposit equal to one month’s gross tenant rent is required before occupancy and is refunded at the end of tenancy providing no damages or unpaid rent must be retained.

Water, sewer, and trash removal are paid by the owner.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you or someone you care for move into John Slaby Villa. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and we, as a management agent, are required to follow the rules and regulations set up by these federal agencies.

Dear Applicant: The following information is intended to help you understand the subsidized housing programs managed by Impact Seven, Inc. Applicants are determined income-eligible to occupy a unit according to the income guidelines prepared annually by HUD.