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They can also update or delete Action assignments they created, within the time period set by the reference codelist value MTACTHOUR.

If this value is set to zero (0) they cannot perform any operations in this window.

A Domain VTA is available only in the TMS domain(s) in which it was created. Domain VTAs take precedence over Global VTAs; if a Domain VTA and a Global VTA exist for the same verbatim term within a domain, TMS uses the Domain VTA.

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TMS displays Global VTAs first, in alphabetical order, then Domain VTAs grouped by domain, with domains listed alphabetically.

VTAs are displayed in alphabetical order within their domain.

You can use actions to communicate with an external source data system or internally in TMS about a term by assigning an Action to the term; see "Defining and Using Actions".

When a verbatim term enters TMS that requires an Action, you can assign the Action in the Classify VT Omissions window in the Omission Management menu; see "Apply an Action to a Term" for more information.

If Action assignment approval is required in a particular dictionary/domain combination, you can approve Action assignments in the Approve Action Assignments window.

Upon approval, TMS automatically sends the base Answerable Action to the external system; see "Approving Action Assignments" for more information.When you demote a Global VTA to a Domain VTA, you must specify in which TMS domains you want TMS to create a Domain VTA.If you specify a TMS domain that already has a Domain VTA for that term, TMS will not override the Domain VTA already created.If you do not specify a domain that used the Global VTA, TMS creates an omission during the next Batch Validation.You will be able to create a Domain VTA for it during in the Define Domain Dictionaries window for the relevant domain.