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When they first decide to take their relationship from the phone into actual meetings, Bonnie shows up to their first official date only for Adam to lose his nerve and disappear before they have a chance to talk.When Bonnie gives Adam another shot and they go out to dinner, he explains that he didn't want to suddenly be confronted with her being disappointed that he's in a wheelchair.After a few months, we noticed that we have some hot topics.

Bonnie and Adam met over the phone after he dialed her number mistakenly.When the conversation turned flirtatious they become quick friends and eventually decide to meet. In a move that's bound to make her a much happier woman, Bonnie's boyfriend is going to be around a lot more, now, as actor William Fichtner has been upped to series regular.According to a report from TVLine, William Fichtner has recently been made a regular cast member on , with the actor continuing his role of Adam Janakowski, Bonnie's boyfriend.Research shows that one of the most important signs of a healthy relationship is how couples respond to each other's bids for connection.

Do you turn toward them, ignore them, or show hostility?For example, "Honey, you know that vegetable garden we painstakingly planted last week?It looks like something's about to eat it." Turning toward would be, "I'm gonna get him. " Rather than, "Why is everything about the $#@%ing groundhog?!You just know more about your own efforts than your partner's. The good news is that when those same people found out what their partners were actually doing, they stopped overestimating their own contributions.You were there when you took out the garbage, went grocery shopping, and helped your kids with their homework. Weekly meetings make that possible: You learn about all the things that your partner has been carrying."When psychologists studied how couples responded to each other's bids, those who turned toward each other only 33 percent of the time ended up getting divorced over the next six years.