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And it makes me wonder, yet again – why can’t we try design ideas like this on computers, too, especially as they begin to ship with touch support?

One potential competitor: Multi Track, currently available for the i Phone, is coming to i Pad on April 20.

Rj Dj will now run on the i Pad, and interfaces with the new RJC1000 application, a tool that’s intended to arrange reactive/generative music scenes into larger performances, borrowing the interface metaphor of drum machines like the MPC.

The i Pad itself will also allow drag and drop for adjusting scenes, whether you want to use Pd-based scenes in live performance or just bliss out to music on the couch.

The price matches, at US.99 – very cheap for desktop software and even in line with, say, console games, but (comparatively) pricey for the i Phone.

That makes this an early test of whether users of such platforms will spend more than a few dollars at a time.

But it also includes some surprises, like a renewed interest in other tablet and netbook platforms.

(Nothing quite compares to the surprise that a popular Palm developer was switching to open-source hardware design.) And as i Pad developers reconsider the design of musical user interfaces on Apple’s device, it’s long past time to evaluate how UI design can work in all digital music platforms. Sonoma’s Studio Track deserves its own category: it’s an attempt to build a full-featured multitrack recording studio for the i Pad.Sun Vox: Sun Vox developer Alex confirms to CDM that his excellent app – a combination modular workstation and tracker – is bound for i Pad. Pianist Pro is something unlikely to replace a real keyboard, but it could be handy when you can’t get to a keyboard – and something I’d want on other touch devices, too. Of all the apps that I’ve seen, this is perhaps the most exciting, though it also illustrates a major limitation of the i Pad – its lack of pen input.Thanks to its support for numerous other platforms, that could mean seamless workflows from everything from your phone to a Linux laptop. I also really dig the “retro”-styled view and alternate tuning interface. Nonetheless, while I’m not sure how rapid input is, the idea of having a tablet on which you can create notation is fantastic, and it makes the leap from quick sketches to something you might actually sit on your piano stand with the move to i Pad.And yes, via Audio Paste, you can use Looptastic HD with the Sonoma tool above.AC-7 Pro: The developers haven’t said much about their upcoming control surface, but it looks as though it may support some sophisticated (Mackie Control? Of course, I could remind you that again you lose tactile control – something you can get with the faders and buttons and jog wheel found on this UI – but the ability to run this as an app has some clear appeal. Midi Pad: I talked about this controller in some detail already; its big pitch – aside from a lovely, minimal interface – is support for networked MIDI.Can you simplify designs, as on the i Phone, but also make use of a screen size closer to what’s available on desktop computers?